We are manufacturer of Various types of clamps to be used for Grating erection purpose. Grating clamp set consist of Saddle clamp, W clamp & M8*40/50 /55/70 or as suits Fastner. Grating clamps are duly Hot dip galvanized & available in 30/33/35/38/40/50 mm CD as general requirements for Grating fitting to structure. Our clamps are Heavy duty in 2.5 mm tk W clamp & 2 mm tk Saddle clamp.in IS 513 grade steel sheet. IS 1367 std Fastners are Galvanized or Zn Electroplated can be supplied.Gratings are to be fitted to structure by one of following method

  • Gratings are to be fitted directly Welded to structure
  • Gratings can be fitted on Structure with W clamp & self tapping bolt by drilling on structure.
  • Gratings can be fitted on Structure with W clamp With saddle clamp by nutbolt tightening
  • By use of grating's clamp, We can easily Remove & assemble gratings to the structure With ease of operation

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